How Wee Wally Lost His Wee

Want a great story that will entertain the kids and give you some time on your hands? Check out Today’s book, by Allan Gardner and Illustrated by Bazman Ahmad.

HowWeeWallyLostHisWee It’s creative, fun & funny!😁

Mr. Gardner is a veteran of the Navy in WWII. He wrote this book when he was 94, during the COVID lockdown of 2020. He recently turned 95 and looks to continue his “second chapter” in life.

This is the longest book I have read for my channel. It was very tricky, not only is it a tongue twister, but there are many voices and silly enough, lots of words. Since I don’t have a crew of any sort, I have to read it perfectly the first time and lordy, I am not perfect!

So, hopefully the listener/watcher can overlook any fumbles and enjoy the life and energy I strived to bring to the telling of this adorable story!