Storytime Around Town

For this week’s book, I traveled to a friend’s house to record in her lovely backyard. The story takes place in Seborga, a charming village in Italy, so I wanted to find a special outdoor location. Her yard was perfect! Well, it did have some funny quirks… it’s summer and the day was in the upper 90 degrees, rather windy, and all these planes kept flying overhead. To make it really humorous, as I started reading the story, her sprinklers went off. There is an outtake where you hear me reading and in the background you suddenly hear “pshhhhhhhh” and then me yell, “Oh good lord!” Not a phrase I normally shout, but it was just perfect for the day.

All in all, the reading went swimmingly…haha, just kidding. It turned out wonderful and the story is one that will warm your heart. Enjoy Don Gateau the Three-legged Cat of Seborga