Guitar Hero

Happy Holidays Everyone! Next week I will be working on the next Guitar Hero DS-4 game.  For all you rockers, I hope to be your biggest fan! I’ll let you know how the recording goes and when to expect the next game in stores. Have a safe, happy and healthy holidays. Rock On! ~ Dina

Days Of Our Lives

Hey Everyone! Just booked another job!! Woohoo!!! This time Days of Our Lives will be the cool show that is helping to support our cause. I auditioned today and booked it for tomorrow. Sometimes it works that fast, but usually it takes a lot longer in the voice over world. Oh I guess I should mention, I’ll…

Voice America Network

I am about to go on the air live with Daniel Gutierrez. The show is titled “Looking Out For Eachother” and is starting at 11amPST. Here is the link It is under the title or today’s date 11/06/08 Let me know what you think!

VoiceAmerica Network

Tomorrow, Thursday, November  6th, I will be interviewed by Daniel Gutierrez on VoiceAmerica Network regarding my work with the Alzheimer’s Association. Daniel is a Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Trainer and Radio Personality. My agent Wes Stevens, President of VOX, Inc. will be joining us and discussing how we found a way to make a difference….


Woohoo! Naruto just became the first official cartoon and voice over donation to the Alzheimer’s Association!!! This is just the begining! Next Thursday Vox will be launching our email flyer to stimulate awareness of our fundraising efforts. We are looking forward to a very positive response. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Reaching for goals

It’s been another great day. I surpassed the $2,000 mark on my personal Alzheimer’s Memory Walk web page. I have a week to go and I’m so close to my $2,500 goal. The team, Sherman Tanks is around $3,500 with a goal of $5,000. With another member due to join, we might just make it. Feel…


Big day today! Anime fans will be excited, I have just been cast in the role of “Fuki” in the ultra popular anime series Naruto! Don’t know if she is a series regular yet, but I will keep you posted. As my determination to raise funds and awareness to combat the devastating disease of Alzheimer’s continues,…

I’m back!

I’m back from my trip to Russia and am auditioning like crazy! No rest for the weary and it’s great to be back on mic! My agent Wes, webdesigner Jason and I are working on a special email flyer to send out to the voice over industry announcing my fund-raising efforts with the Alzheimer’s Association. We…