Awesome FUNdraiser

Awesome FUNdraiser

What a fun and exciting way to raise money for a worthy cause. Thank you Natasha Neary for an amazing workout! We danced our way to raising over $200 for The Alzheimer’s Association. Thank you so much for your beauty, spirit and awesome talent!
If you missed the event and want to check out this incredible dance/groove class, go to the Bay Club, Canoga Park on Tuesday or Thursday mornings from 9:30-10:30.

If you would still like to donate and support the Alzheimer’s Association and help fund research and outreach programs, click on the link TODAY, and make a difference!







On September 13 The Sherman Tanks will walk again to support the fight against Alzheimer's Disease. This year we walk in my mother's honor. Aileen Sherman was an advocate and advisor for people dealing with Alzheimer's Disease. For nearly 2 decades she helped families get the help and care they needed. She worked at Irvine Cottages for Jacque Dupont and helped bring a better quality of life to family members suffering with Alzheimer's, and support for the families themselves. She touched so many lives. Sadly, she left us this June due to cancer. She fought to help others and we walk again this year to continue her legacy. Please support us and donate to fund research for a cure. Thank you, Dina

As a professional voice over artist I wanted to find a way to use my voice to raise money.

So, I am giving away a FREE RINGTONE to anyone who donates to the Alzheimer’s Association’s,  Walk to End Alzheimer’s. For a donation of just $10.00 or more, I will record and send you a personalized 10-15 second ringtone. You send me your text/what you want me to say, and I will send you back an mp3 with your very own personalized ringtone. It’s that easy! As I do voiceovers for a living, you can also request it be recorded in a character voice, ie: little boy, little girl, teen, mom, teacher, villainess, witch, etc. Here are some samples: Teen Girl                    Ringer on Loser                   Jewish Mother If you like one of my 3 samples, donate $5.00 and I will happily send you the mp3. Donate and help support the Alzheimer’s Association and get your very own, ONE OF A KIND, ringtone. Go to the Alzheimer’s donation page to get started today. Thank you and I look forward to recording what you have to say! Once you make a DONATION, I will send you a thank you note with my email.

Walk to End Alzheimer's

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