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When it comes to anything dubbed, whether it’s anime, live action, or ADR (audio dialogue replacement) you need someone who can not only act, but site-read, lip sync and deliver a strong believable character in an instant.
There is a certain skill set an actor needs, who can act in a character previously recorded, sync the dialogue to picture, and understands how all aspects of dubbing works.

Dina lucked into the world of Anime before the western world knew how amazing the genre truly is! She started on Bleach, Naruto, Digimon, Rurouni Kenshin, Mon Colle Knights – the sleeper series that slipped past most but should still be watched, and dozens more!

Dina is easy and fun to work with, you’ll probably find yourself laughing your way through the session!

Dina actually cut her teeth on Anime & Dubbing when they were still cutting reel to reel tape for recordings. Her decades of experience, timing and characters gives her the ability to walk into any booth and deliver the lines quickly and efficiently. (many times finishing under the time allotted.)

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