About Dina Sherman

Dina Sherman takes your direction and easily delivers what you want to bring your project to life. Her years of experience combined with her professionalism and natural effervescence, comes through in her work as a voice over actress. Her amazing versatility gives her a unique and expansive range of work. 

Dina’s Credits & Character Range

Some of Dina’s voice over credits include: Live announcer of the Annie Awards Show since 2005 (18 years),  Bleach (Gluko), Uncle Grandpa (Gloria), Genshin Impact (Diona), Paroro (Harry), Naruto (Fuki), Biker Mice From Mars (Carbine), Smite (Aphrodite Succubus), MLBB (Ruby), Superman, Batman, Duckman, Digimon, Pokemon, Final Fantasy VII & XIII, McDonalds, Corona, Honda, Bacardi, Lalaloopsy-promo, and more.

When it comes to producing your voice acting project Dina is the right choice whether you are looking for:

  • Real person or animated character
  • Children both boys and girls
  • Teen girls on up to moms, authoritative women, and old ladies
  • Heroines or villains
  • Sweet & sassy
  • Compassionate or naïve
  • Bratty, snob, bully, or airhead
  • Soothing and warm

When you want to bring your project to the next level, whether it’s animation, commercials: TV, radio, or streaming, anime, video games, promo, dubbing, and more, Dina has the experience, training and talent to quickly understand what you need, and delivers.

Dina loves voice acting & her community

Dina is grateful and loves her work as a voice over actress and has a passion for giving back to the community. Aside from the fabulous fundraisers she has spearheaded for the Alzheimer’s Association and GameChanger Charity, Dina has been using her unique talent of voice acting to bring books to life and promote literacy in classrooms, for over 20 years.

When the world shut down in March of 2020 due to the pandemic, the teachers asked if she could send videos of reading stories. The best way to get content to teachers, students, parents and kids was to immediately create a YouTube channel. Thus www.youtube.com/dinashermanstoriesandmore was born. Dina has created video readings of well known children’s books as well as wonderful stories by new authors from all over the world. She also produces fun content that helped kids through the pandemic as well as educate them about all the federal US holidays. There are well over 100+ unique content videos and she is very proud of her passion project.

Dina Sherman is a people person and loves a good pun! She has voice over grit and serves up your daily cream of wit!

Dina Sherman’s Voice Acting Video Reel

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