Commercial, Announcer, YouTube & Other Voice Over Services

Commercial, Announcer, YouTube & Other Voice Over Services

Live Announcer for the Annie Awards since 2005!

Commercial VO Services in Los Angeles & Beyond!

A few brands Dina has worked for:

Her years of experience announcing a live awards show has taught her much! She brings a calm, professional confidence to the crazy backstage atmosphere where everything can go right, and anything can go wrong. She has an ease and comfort around celebrities and her soothing voice easily masks mishaps like: a fire backstage, a presenter no show, last minute rewrites and, well….she could write a book! The producers and team bring her back year after year because they can always count on Dina to deliver.

Commercials have become mini stories to make the listener feel good, identify and trust the product. You need a voice actor who can take, interpret and deliver direction quickly and sound natural. Whether you are looking for someone high energy, understated or just the friend you have coffee with, Dina can fulfill your product’s needs. Her range of real people include; kids, teens, young adults all the way up to women in their 40’s. Having a broadcast quality home studio since the early 2000’s, Dina has recorded decades of commercials in studios around LA, and remotely from her home studio.

Dina Sherman’s Commercial Demo

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Don’t forget to checkout Dina’s YouTube Channel. You will find wonderful read aloud stories and original content.

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