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Dina Sherman – SAG-AFTRA – Voice Artist, Actress, Youtuber

Animation/Anime/Commercial/Video Games

Vox, Inc: 323-655-8699

Micaela Hicks – T: 310-467-7064

Tom Lawless – T: 310-951-7064 

4804 Laurel Cyn, Ste. 831, Valley Village, CA 91607 – Link to additional Demos

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Nery Lemus & Chris Arsaga – T: (747) 283-1249

1012 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505 USA


Dina Sherman’s Official Media Bio:

Dina has a passion and commitment to storytelling through portraying unique and authentic characters. A professional actress and voice-over artist for decades, her credits include; stage, TV and film, as well as animation, anime, video games and commercials. She is also known as the “Voice of the Annie Awards” since 2005. Dina brings experience, enthusiasm and versatility to every job. For years she has been giving back to her community by volunteer reading – with her unique flair- to local elementary schools. When that ended in March due to Covid-19, Dina created a YouTube channel for kids where she continues to bring amazing stories to children all over the world.

Dina Sherman’s Demo Reels:

Animation Demo:

Commercial Demo: 

Dina’s Voice Acting Video Reel

Dina Sherman’s Official Voice Acting Resume

Official Voice of the Annie Awards — Announcer –since 2005

Animation & Anime Voice Acting

Pororo – Harry the Hummingbird

Tori & Her Hair – Mimi, Ms. Krunk, Kim Kim

Bleach 1000 year Blood War – Yachiru Kusajishi

Momma Named Me Sheriff~ from the creators of Mr. Pickles – Gloria – series regular
The Beatrix Girls –  Mrs. Quimby -Live action actress – (Pilot)
Uncle Grandpa – Cartoon Network – Flight Attendant, kids, shop patron (2 episodes)
It’s A Small World, Disney Interactive Series – Leads Harald & Ashley, & others
Final Fantasy XIII-3 – Erine, Louise, Grocer
Lego Friends (game)- Anna, Sophia, Soccer Coach
Annoying Orange – Adorable Peach, grapes and misc.
Promo for Captain ActionLady Action -Chicago Comicon
Days of Our LivesVoice of little boy
Naruto (Fuki)
Biker Mice From MarsCarbine (Series lead)
Lucky Kat TVLucky Kat-website
Power Rangers
Amazing Books – App
BleachYachiru Kusajishi
Legends of Tooth KingdomDr. Brushwell
Mon Colle KnightsGluko (Series lead)
Digimon  (Recurring)
Superman the Animated Series
Batman the Animated Series
The Little Engine That Could
Sunny Pig
The Kameleon Kid
Storybook Friends
Lands of Lore II
Flint The Time Detective (Recurring)
Olly & Frank
Rock City Road Crew (Pilot)
Monster In My PocketKeri
The Puzzle Club Easter Mystery
Totally Hidden Video
Town Mouse

Game Voice Acting

Genshim Impact – Diona

MLBB – Ruby

Call of Duty – NDA

Final Fantasy VII

Smite -Aphrodite Succubus
BSS Games –Lina and others
Oxy –Mother and others

Final Fantasy XIII
Lego and Friends 2013
International game (NDA) 2013
Leap Frog-Young Zoosters, –Young Melman (Madagascar)
Guitar Hero-DS4
BleachYachiru Kusajishi
Lands of Lore II


Yokai King – Osaki & Grandmother

Spectacular Now
Days of Our Lives
Mulan II
Jungle Book II – Feature
Charmed – Television
Starship Troopers – Feature
Tower of Terror – Television
Stinkers- Feature
Ellen- Television
Foolish Waise- Feature
Beverly Hills Family Robinson- Television
A Christmas Wish – Feature*Various Pilots & Animated shows- Television

Promo Voice Acting

Lalaloopsy: Festival of Sugary Sweets – Lions Gate
Lalaloopsy: Babies 1st Steps Movie – Lions Gate
Captain Action
Dick Danger

Commercial Voice Acting

RoundTable Pizza
Heritage Valley Health Systems
Honda (N. CA)
Corona Light
Concentric DSL Modems
Village Inn
ICB Bread
7-11 (convenience stores)
Pacific Bell
Southland Co.
Moo Town Cheesers
Evelyn Wood
The Good Earth Restaurants
L.A. Times
Contempo Fashions
Tire Pros

Foreign Film Dubbing

Pororo- Harry Humming Bird and 2 cats
Swordsman II – Jet Li
3X3 Eyes
The Princess and the Pea
The Little Mermaid

Audio Books

The Report Card by Andrew Clements


Disney Attraction -Epcot  Kiosk
Taipei Museum -English Video