Annie Awards & Attire #1

This year, in honor of the show stepping up it’s game (being televised) I’ve decided to step up mine! I’ll be walking the red carpet in a designer dress. That’s right! My friend, Diana Lansleen, introduced me to Alex Yeaggy, an amazing, young, LA designer who studied and worked in Italy. Her portfolio is full of garments that vary from beautiful to fun to sexy. Her designs are fabulous and she is creating an event dress just for me!! She is also designing a cape and shoes to go with! On paper, the dress design is unique and daring. Can she finish it in time? Can my body pull it off???? It will be so much fun to go from concept to red carpet. I hear this can sometime be a difficult journey and one relying on trust. If it’s alright with you… I’d like to share this simple announcer’s wardrobe road, to the red carpet. ~Dina

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