Another day with Uncle Grandpa

Last week I recorded another episode of Uncle Grandpa. What a lot of fun! I love what I do, especially when you get to work with great people on a funny show!  Still… you always have to remember, that inside that fish bowl/recording booth,  just because we can’t hear the production side of the glass, it doesn’t mean they can’t hear us. Hello! The room is mic’d! ~ I’d completely forgotten that point.
I was sharing a funny story with my fellow voice actors while the production side was setting things up on their end. We couldn’t hear them, they looked busy, so I decided to tell them about this guy at McDonalds who couldn’t figure out how to split my 1 order of Sweet tea into two cups (seriously, this was a huge dilemma for him). Just as I was about to get to the punch of the story, the director hit the talk back button (the button that allows us to hear them on that side of the booth. The recording side is sound proofed, so that button is what allows us to communicate, or hear them. We have mics so they can hear us.) So, just as I was about to tell the climax of the story, the director’s voice interrupted and announced they were ready to start. Now worries, the first break we got, the guys were all, “quick tell us the end of the story.” I did and we all started laughing, because some things you just can’t make up. Real life stuff can be truly hilarious. That’s when the production manager walked into the booth and right up to me and said, “I know, I was dying to hear the end of your story too! That’s so funny.” I looked at her totally confused. Then it finally dawned on me, our mics were on the whole time, and other than the director and writer, everyone else on that side of the booth was listening to everything we/I said. Lordy! I’m so glad I was telling a good story and a funny one at that.
Mental note…don’t forget when there are mics, there are not secrets.

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