Between Busts “Trending”

On May 10th we launched our lil’ animated series called Between Busts.  Our first episode, “Trending” featured 4 famous women from history. For fun I thought I would give you a little 1 sentence description of these interesting women.

Anna May Wong- Considered the first Chinese American movie star 1905-1961.





Coco Chanel – French fashion designer and founder of Chanel, also a fascist and nazi sympathizer. 1883-1971

Katherine Hepburn -Hollywood Icon of the golden era. She played by her own rules. 1907-2003




Marie Antoinette – Married to King Louis XVI, during the French Revolution, allegedly quoted for saying “Let them eat cake” and was ultimately beheaded. 1755-1793Our second episode, “Hot Flash” will post on May 17th.

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