Diona~ Genshin Impact

Recording Diona for this popular game was a blast! Check out the cool trailer: Diona Trailer. News on the net is that she is a top tier character with a lot of cool powers!

What is super interesting about recording this character is that I did it during the 2020 Pandemic! I actually went to 3 recording studios to record all her lines. The studios were all part of the Fermosa Studios and I felt completely safe! The Covid protocols were all enforced and I recorded alone in the booth.

The engineers were on the other side of the glass and when they had to adjust the microphone and room viewing set up for me inside the booth, we all wore masks. The voice director and clients were all on Skype or something and fed in through my headphones. So literally they were like the voices in my head directing me to say and act how they envisioned Diona. Fortunately they were all the angels on my shoulder, no devils to lead me astray! 😉 The voice director was calling in from his home studio and the clients were calling in from all over the world, from Los Angeles, New York to China! It was truly amazing.

This Covid new recording protocol turned out to be several days of fun and a great voice acting experience! All my years of work & training made it easy to go with the flow, AND I can safely say, we all stayed healthy! All Right! ~ Lets Play!!!

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