kerfuffleMay I present a typical craziness that goes on in the vo business. It comes in all forms and formats, but here is today’s typical kerfuffle. Monday night I got an audition for a pretty standard cartoon character, attached to a pretty standard looking drawing of said character. However, the directions from the client said to, “Think out of the box with this role – avoid the obvious.” Okay… So, I took this character to a workshop yesterday and had my fabulous director, direct and guide me with 2 appropriate fun and funny, yet outside the obvious, characters! Just as I was done recording my second character, and everyone in the room was laughing and applauding my choices, (sorry to sound braggy, but it really did feel good), my phone chimed with an email from my agent. The client has decided they want this character to sound like a certain tv actress from the 70’s, attached is a youtube clip. Whaaaaat?!?!?!! After we were done with the head shaking and eye-rolling, I realized the good news is that I still get a shot at the role. Sometimes this can happen after all our hard work is turned in, and they decide to run a new casting session with a new set of people. Very disappointing and frustrating. So, today I feel like I’ve made the callback! I’ll be recording and submitting the producer’s choice.  Although, I think I will attach yesterday’s characters in case they change their minds again. Wish me luck

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