Living on the edge of my kid’s schedules

So, last week while riding in the Lyft home from the mechanic, just as school was letting out, I found my self uttering the words, “It seems I’m always living on the edge of my kid’s schedules.”

School, college, jobs, they all dictated how we spend our time. They set an obvious schedule for our days.  Our offspring are no different. From enfant-ness to beyond, there is a constant barrage of events they must attend and the balance of their lives combined with mine: my job, husband, friends etc. is definitely the spice of life. Ha! Who am I kidding, it is a crazy-ass, nerve bitting, juggle!!

I’m sure I’m not alone doing this dance. (Ah, someday I’ll have to share my theme song with you.) I know there are other parents out there, playing the blindfolded lady with the scales, trying to balance it all. Still,  don’t you just feel like such a success when you can get it alllllll done! Seriously, no single schedule person could possibly do what we do at the drop of a dime. There are days I totally feel like Wonder Mom! (Ya, I wonder how I did it!) To all the super heroes out there, we know how much the little things matter! And we rock!

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