Making “Planes” fly!

Dusty from "Planes"
Dusty from “Planes”

There is a great article about Disney’s movie “Planes,” and how they made the flying look so incredibly good.
Here is an excerpt: “Filmmakers called on Jason McKinley (“Red Tails”) to serve as flight specialist for the film. McKinley, creator, producer and director of the “Dogfights” series for the History Channel, specializes in designing flying effects for film and television. “With every flying scene, there’s a giant sky,” says McKinley. “You’re flying around at 300-400 miles an hour and the space you take up is huge. So we wanted to get that massive feeling of space and speed to the audience.” For the rest of this great article, go to Kudos to Jason! It really was like racing through the skies and being in the cockpit!

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