New Disney Project

Recording booth Ed, Mike, Lauren & Me
Recording booth
Ed, Mike, Lauren & Me

Worked my first session yesterday on a new Disney project, and had a blast! There are a lot of characters involved with many different accents from around the world. My two main characters are Dutch and French Canadian. Fortunately, I don’t need to speak the language, I just have to speak with an accurate accent. These main characters are traveling to different countries around the world, so we need to know all those accents as well. It’s a brain blender, all right! Our sanity saver is Joel Goldes,

Joel Goldes The Dialect Coach
Joel Goldes
The Dialect Coach

our amazing dialect coach. He is keeping us on the straight and (authentically accented) narrow. I love working with Kelly Ward, our voice director. He keeps us true to the story while Joel keep us true to the accents. I’m working with a great group. It’s a series so I’ll share more as we go along. Au revoir!

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