Red Carpet @ The Oscars

Dina Sherman
40th Annual Annie Awards
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Or -Work it Baby!

As the Oscars approach, I can’t help but think of all the famous and infamous people who will be required to walk the gauntlet of photographers, reporters, interviewers and fans on the “Red Carpet”. It is an awesome, incredible, overwhelming and humbling experience. I have now walked the Annie Awards Red Carpet twice; a square inch by comparison to the Hollywood Blvd. of Carpet for the Oscars, and I definitely do not consider myself an expert or celeb. I am just the “Voice of the Annies” not a face or someone famous. I walked the red carpet for the sheer fun of wearing a fabulous dress and acting all girly. If you are nominated or are presenting, you are required to walk the carpet. Now, this walk can be really entertaining if you are of the right mind. It can also bring out the crickets! No seriously! If you are not a “face” or recognizably famous person, like most creators in film, TV, and animation, all the photographers, reporters, interviewers and fans don’t get who you are. I mean, think about it! If you are on the red carpet, you are obviously there for a reason! You have to be qualified first, and then actually introduced onto the carpet.  No one walks it without credentials. However, if you are the average, nominated, working Joe, instead of  the cacophony of people yelling your name,  “Look over here!”  Who are you wearing?!” “Turn!” a gazillion questions, and flashbulbs going off like strobe lights, you might here one camera click, a flashbulb and the proverbial… crickets. Ahhhhh Hollywood. As humbling as the carpet may be, it’s still a kick in the pants to be a part of it all! Good luck to all the fabulously talented and nominated “working Joes” this Sunday. Enjoy your attire, your designers, the hullabaloo and the whole gosh darn experience. Crickets or flashbulbs, you are still on The Carpet baby! Work it! 🙂

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