Road to the Red Carpet #1

I met the very talented Alina Pizzano at her shop and we went over some sketches. Her gowns are divine and her drawings for my dress, exquisite. However, I am no Angelina Jolie. I just couldn’t see myself in a sultry, tight, mermaid cut gown. I tried one on once and the lovely flare that was supposed to flare out at the knees, flared at my ankles. Little ‘ole me just wasn’t designed for that kind of dress. Besides, have you ever seen women try to walk, sit or breathe in those dresses?!? Those are three things I definitely need to do that night. Whoowee!  Alina, excited by the challenge my petite frame presented, proceeded to take my measurements, with a promise to show me designs from her “dream” book. I can’t wait! More updates soon!

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