Testimonial from Ivy Isenberg

I just love Ivy! She is such an amazing Casting Director and Voice Director. We had such a blast working on “Annoying Orange!” Honestly, she just made me blush when I saw what she wrote…

Dina Sherman has been a powerhouse of note in the voiceover community in animation and gaming for over 20 years. She is most famous for her Leading role of Yachiru Kusajishi, in Noriyuki Abe’s Japanese franchise, BLEACH. Extensive career in anime with credits from, Naruto, Digimon, Pokemon, Mon Colle Knights and many many more. Credits in Studio franchises include Mulan, Jungle Book, Final Fantasy, Superman and Batman, but her most fun credit to date has been the official voice of ASIFA’s ANIMATION AWARDS, year after year where she gets to celebrate the accomplishments of her clients and peers in the animation world.” ~Ivy Isenberg, Casting

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