Walk to End Alzheimer’s 2013

The Walk in 2012
The Walk in 2012

The Sherman Tanks will once again be hitting the streets in, The Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Please make a donation to The Sherman Tanks and support our efforts.
Feel free to join us on June 9th, in the San Fernando Valley, CA. Check out the website for more information. Walk info

Alzheimer’s disease has effected my family directly, and I have seen its effects on friends and their loved ones, as well. I fear for my future and that of my kids. Someone develops Alzheimer’s  every 68 seconds. It is the 6th leading cause of death in the US and more than 5,000,000 Americans are living with the disease.
 If we are lucky enough to miss falling victim to this debilitating disease, the impact it will have on our economy and nation, will be hard to miss. This year, 2013, Alzheimer’s will cost the nation $203 billion!  We must find a cure and help our friends who are dealing with it today.

Thank you.

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