Work & Walk

I had such a fabulous time recording voices for a new Annoying Orange! Yes they are in negotiations for a TV series. Until then, they have the most popular website, in the world! Pretty awesome, AND they are nice folks, too! I’ll keep you posted on the release of these new shows.

On another avenue, I will be participating the Walk To End Alzheimer’s this Sunday in Woodland Hills. This will be my 4th walk. This one however, is a new one for the area and I got to help put it together. Since I am local, I worked on asking companies to help by donated items for the walk.  It took a lot of time an energy, but I am so happy to see how my community is so willing to support this cause. Like how I’m calling it “my community”! hehehe                       Follow This Link  if you would like to join me or donate to my team, The Sherman Tanks! ~Thanks!

Well, back to recoding more auditions. Hopefully one of these will land me on a new pilot!

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