A Night at The Annie Awards

       What a night at the Annies!!! I had such an amazing time and got to hob knob with all the celebs and industry best! And I felt spectacular in my purple, sequins, cocktail dress with purple Paolo stilettos.  As my mom put it, “the ensemble says, ‘Hello’!”

       The show opened with a video of William Shatner and Spongbob-Tom Kenney dueling it out for the hosting position in true “Star Trek” fashion…complete with pop up bubbles reminding the audience which episodes they were thinking of while grappling and hurtling boulders at each other.  Later in the show Big Bill introduced a video clip of Spongbob Square Pants with his voice as Spongebob. Very funny and only to be topped by the subsequent clip of Star Trek with Spongbob’s voice dubbed for Captain Kirk. In a word, fricken’ hilarious!!!!

          Seth Green was our first presenter. I run into him often at Emmy events and such and it was great to see he and the guys at Robot Chicken win an Annie for Best Animated Short Subject, congrats!

          Some of the other fun and fabulous people I got to hang out with back stage were, John Leguizamo, Jen Cody –Congrats Jen on your Annie win for Charlotte in The Princess and the Frog, Clancy Brown, Russi Taylor and I bonded over Minnie Mouse, everyone’s favorite Oompah Lumpah- Deep Roy, sweet man, and fun guys to post party with, Futurama’s Bender-John Dimaggio, Madagascar’s King Julien-Danny Jacobs & Skipper-Tom McGrath.

          Gosh, and these are only the beginning. The ASIFA guys ran a great show and are such a pleasure to work with. I really appreciated being brought on stage for all my years as the “voice” of the Annies. It was fun being recognized at the after party and my 15 minutes of fame. Now people know I’m live and not pre-recorded. (I feel like a commercial  for Memorex!)

          Oh! I also chatted with the guys who directed DreamWorks, How to Train Your Dragon (Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois) www.moviefone.com/movie/how-to-train-your-dragon and they are very excited for it’s release. They say it looks great and has a wonderful message as well as being a fun family movie. My kids and I are looking forward to going!

          Last but not least, I want to give a shout out to Tom Kenny for his win in the Voice Over for TV category, my friend Ivy-hope you enjoyed your birthday and my fabulous agent Wes–great Tux story!

          If I think of anything/anyone else I’ll blog more. ~Dina

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