Alzheimer’s Memory Walk

Yesterday I participated in the Los Angeles Alzheimer’ Memory Walk. It was a fabulous day!!! So many people were there walking for loved ones and supporting friends affected by this devastating disease. There were even a few people walking with the assistance of family as they journey through what they can still accomplish, such strength of spirit and love. Also, downtown LA never looked so good. Guess it helps to block off the streets and let us walk down the middle. Pretty cool!

My walk was incredibly fun because I got to enjoy it with some of my dearest friends and our daughters! It was so special being a part of this meaningful event and walking a 5k with my daughter by my side.

Team Sherman Tanks also put in a fantastic showing. We are a small team, but MIGHTY!!!! We raised over $7,000 with more checks still coming in! We are one of the top 10 teams. Pretty Awesome!

Now I’m off to record an audition and an anime cartoon! May your day be filled with what makes you happy! ~Dina

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