Memory Walk

Sorry for not keeping you up to date. I’ve actually been busy working and then was on vacation. Tell ya all about it later.

This week is the big countdown to the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk in Los Angeles.  Sunday is the big day and Team Sherman Tanks is working hard to reach it’s fundraising goal.  A few days ago we were one of the 10  teams. However everyone is giving the big push. I hope we can too.

If you would like to support me as I walk for this cause, please click on the Memory Walk link on the right and just follow the prompts. Every dollar counts and makes a difference in maintaining outreach programs for families supporting loved ones and research for a cure.

Check out my two grandmas and the reason I want to put an end to this devastating disease. May we all grow old remembering the good and the bad and all the people we treasure!

Help us reach our goal! ~Dina

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