On-Line Gaming

Yesterday, I had a blast recording character voices for a hot new on-line game! The title is being kept confidential, I had to sign all these papers, but apparently it is highly anticipated by the avid on-line gamers.  This looks like a good one! I am just learning about this side of the game industry. You don’t have to go buy the game and play the same one over & over & over… This is a club you pay monthly to belong to and you can play as often as you want and it’s on going. No stacks of used up games anymore either.

This looks like the hottest trend and it’s fun to be a part of  it. I’ll keep you posted when they release the title and game.

The session was a hoot. I got to work with legendary director, Gordon Hunt. Most of the recordings were sound effects; fight scenes, dying, falling, running, sneezing, laughing all mixed in with dialogue.  It was a work out without going to the gym. A great way to make a buck!

I’ll keep you posted when I hear more! ~Dina

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