Annie Awards 2018

I am looking forward to Announcing the Annie Awards again this year. I am also looking forward to wearing another fabulous designer dress. But, here’s the thing, women are cursed! That’s right. What a faux pas to be caught wearing the same dress to different events, especially ones that are photographed and posted. It’s just not fair! I love my dresses and want to wear them again, and again. A man can wear his tux or suit even with the same tie to several events and no one blinks an eye. But not so for dresses. Sadly, our gorgeous gowns must gather dust and never be seen again gracing the carpets (or the same group of people).

Well my designer Alina Pizzano and I, have decided to repurpose a past dress and bring it to new glory?¬† With a little “Bibbidy bobbidy boo” we’ll fairy godmother my past favorites and make them shine again. Alina has 2 of my retired, yet still loved dresses. She is busy working her magic and this weekend I will see which one she picked to redesign.¬†With a month before the big night, I will keep you posted on this year’s road to the red carpet.

In the meantime, check out the Annie Awards site for more information, and let me know what your favorite animated feature is this year: Captain Underpants, Cars 3, Coco, Despicable Me 3, or Boss Baby?

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