Things are starting to pick up so I thought I would share with you some of my auditions and the process of the voice over world.

Today I auditioned for two animated projects. I got to play a boy who is from “hell”. I think he is either a demon or devil and he and his family are trying to fit in on earth. Funny stuff! The other looks like a new cartoon series and I played a German boy and a French boy.  These were just one liners so I got to give a series of  3 takes each. I hope they like at least one of them. I guess ya always feel like the folks from “A Chorus Line” “God, I hope I get it. I hope I get it. How many people do they neeeeeeed!….”

My friend Diana helped me with the devil child and she gave me some really fabulous suggestions. It’s great to have feedback and get solid suggestions. I record most auditions at home. It’s just me and my recording equipment and my best guess of what the show creators are looking for. Kinda like throwing darts in the dark. Fortunately, I’ve had a lot of practice.

I’ll share more as they come in. ~Dina

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