Crazy Day

Today was just crazy.  Let’s see, in the morning I recorded two auditions: a young British girl (15) and a little 6 year old boy. I then packed the kids up to stay with their grandparents for these last few days of summer. We affectionately call this sleep away camp, Camp Mimi & Pops. I can’t believe school starts a week from tomorrow!

I then raced up to my friend’s house. Her Mom passed away yesterday. I went with her to the mortuary; not an experience I will every be ready for, and did whatever I could do.  I left her briefly to pick up groceries for tomorrow’s “back at the house” – still don’t know what that is called, popped over to my agency and recorded a Young Santa Claus and a French Woman then went back to my friend’s house with the sodas, flowers and such and helped her set up photos of her mom.  She is amazing.

Finally, I left her knowing more of our friends were coming over and I made it home in time to have dinner with my husband.

I guess somedays you can do it all. Wish they were better circumstances today, but traffic willing I was all over this great big city and everywhere I needed to be. Whew!

Since I need humor to get through the tough stuff, here’s a thought… What are some of the worst ring tones you could have go off at a funeral? #10 “If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands.”

Does anyone have #1?

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