Olmos on the Red Carpet

Edward James Olmos is a great guy. So sweet. All he could talk about was his co presenter that night, Rita Moreno. “She is an EGOT! She has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and a Tony!” I feel so lucky to have met him, and actually to have had time to chat under the lights and cameras.

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Find a cure!

Last night Rivals United and Kure It, held their beautiful, annual banquet and honored my mom, Aileen Sherman and the Aileen Sherman Memorial Fund. The passing of my mom this past June is still painful.

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#FF @Alz.org

Thanks to all your support and a couple of fun fundraisers, The Sherman Tanks raised over $1,100 for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. This year the Walk was held on the campus of Cal. State Northridge. Considering that is deep in the San Fernando Valley, we were lucky the weather was a comfortable 90 something …

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Right place, Right time!

Quick, fun story… At the Emmy Nomination Reception a week ago, I ran into a casting director I hadn’t seen in a few years. While chit chatting, she says, (every actors favorite words) “I have a project I think you would be right for. I’ll send you the sides and script tomorrow.” Great story short…

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I’m an Action Figure!

Look! It’s me as Elvira, holding a collectors doll that I voiced. Talk about an amazing, funny and totally cool moment in time. Check out the Captain Action promo, that’s me as Lady Action. Cosplay mashed up with animation, vo, and dolls. Anything can happen at Comic Con!

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