DWSW – Dead Women Say What?!

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This past weekend we recorded the first 6 episodes of our original animated web series, Dead Women Say What?!  It was an awesome experience. We are now posting clips and teasers on Facebook Instagram and twitter @deadwomensay.

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The session went without a hitch due to our talented female team. Sophorra Kim the artist and animator. The co-creators Angela Marie Volpe, Amy Aniobe, Caley Rose and myself. Voice Director Ivy Isenberg and social media marketer Rachel Lee. Sumalee Montano made a special guest voice appearance, but was on a film set when this shot was taken. She rocked the Anna Mae Wong character.

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Our ever efficient recording engineer, Eric Lewis, took up the role of token testosterone. (Don’t let it be known, but he found the scripts funny too!) It’s hard to believe that all our hard work fit on this tiny thumb drive! It’s so small that someone commented that it looked like a charm necklace for a turtle. Thank you Jamie Simone at Studiopolis for the use of your state of the art facility.

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Don’t forget to “Like” us on FB, Instagram and Twitter when you check out the clips, promos and teasers.

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