Wondercon 2016

IMG_6365While strolling through Wondercon this past weekend, enoying some family cosplay, I popped in on the Anime panel Blockbusters from the East, and ran into my friend and voice director extraordinaire, Ned Lott. I believe he recognized the character Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games, but he couldn’t figure out why she/I would be staring him in the face across the panel table. Finally his eyes snapped, and he realized it was lil’ ole me under all that hair and white makeup.

Wondercon, the little sister to Comic-Con is a great place to learn about inner secrets of the animation/cartoon/ visual arts industry.  The panels contain so much information, famous and infamous people. The exhibit floor displays some great artists and fun collectables. And the show itself is the best place to see some AMAZING cosplay!

It’s great fun and if you get a chance, I highly recommend going and also dressing up!



IMG_6314 IMG_6322 IMG_6354

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