I feel bad to have neglected my blog this past month or so. I seem to feel the need to only post when there is something super interesting or work related. Sometimes, though, life is just full and that in itself can be interesting, but have nothing to do with the biz. So, if you don’t mind me posting about things other than animation and the Entertainment business, read on.

In May, I went to a Bat Mitzvah in New Jersey and couldn’t believe the amazingness of it all. I mean, the service itself was pretty basic and simple, but that is the only thing I would call basic or simple. The cocktail hour alone would have put any party on the map! There was a fresh lobster and seafood bar, sushi bar, meat station, peking duck station, Italian station, 2 whisky bars, martini bar, open bar….just to name a few. The kids had their own party going on upstairs. The actual party was beautiful and amazing, including girls performing in bubble balls, fire dancer and hoola-hoop dancers. Oh man, I could go on and on. I’ve been to Emmy, Oscar, Grammy and other parties and I’ve never seen anything like this.IMG_6595IMG_6560

So, I left the beauty & fun of NJ  late on Sunday night, and early Monday was deep into gutting and remodeling a bathroom. YUCK! It was so dusty and disgusting I couldn’t stop coughing for 2 weeks.IMG_6615

Just as the remodel was about finished, a fire in the neighborhood hills broke out and we had to evacuate! Talk about playing “Sophie’s Choice” with allIMG_6920 your “things.” It was crazy! Luckily, the winds were minimal and the firefighters, planes and helicopters were able to do their jobs. They were heros! No homes were lost and the next day we went home. However, this was the weekend before my daughter’s finals. Talk about stress. We also had barely enough time to unpack the all the suitcases and bags and bags, thrown together of all our priceless possessions, before repacking to leave 6 days later for Europe.

It was also the 1 year of my mother’s passing. My mom loved how creative all her grandchildren were.  My daughter use to make these painted glass rocks. At her unveiling (of the tombstone) everyone placed these beautiful stones all around her gravestone. It was beyond words. She would have loved it.IMG_6803

In May we had to find a new animator for our original series, Dead Women Say What?! Disappointing and stressful for a few weeks, but we found an amazing talent in Katherine Hood. Katie is just rockin’ the episodes and we couldn’t be more excited! While in London and France I got some great pictures of monuments/tributes to Margaret Thatcher, Sylvia Plath, Marie Antoinette, & Joan of Arc, just a couple of our famous women. Not to mention the wonderful shout-out videos from people around the world. Check out our social media sites.

deadwomensaywhat– facebook @deadwomensay-twitter  deadwomensay -Instagram & YouTube

For pictures from my trip and the last two week’s adventures: to the live taping of So You Think You Can Dance, the Next Generation and Taste Of LA at Paramount Studios in support of the Concern Foundation for Cancer research and funding, please check out my instagram, and twitter pages.

On to next week…. aside from the usual auditioning, I’m looking forward to attending the live taping of Little Big Shots and #SDCC, Comic Con. New cosplay, new adventures!

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