Comic Con 2016

Going to San Diego Comic Con is always a fun, challenging, amazing, and unique experience. I have to say, I loved going this year with my kids and meeting up with my cousins. We didn’t get to any panels, but we did experience almost everything else Comic Con had to offer. The best part was dressing in family cosplay! Each day we went as different themes and characters and each element does take a lot of thought and preparation. My kids are brilliant and so creative. So are my cousins. Check it out!

Ryan wanted to go as Dead Pool. But the really good costumes are super expensive and the others look like Dead Pool Pjs. Once he realized he didn’t IMG_8203have any decent options, he got creative. Instead of picking one super villain or super hero, he decided he could simply be them all! The Mo-Cap Man. A motion caption actor that can play everything. Here he is with me, Steam Punk/Dolly Parton. I wanted to bring Dolly to Comic Con, and the only way I thought she would fit in was dressed in Steam Punk. All my costume is repurposed from pieces I already owned. So she was a fun choice, if not a bit uncomfortable in the heat.

Sabrina dressed as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad that day. She is my bend-a-roo.IMG_8216Oh, we found a space that had all these VR- Virtual Reality games set up inside. There had to be about 10 different VR experiences. The kids had fun stepping inside the world of Allegiant (the movie) and a video game. I didn’t participate because, well, I didn’t want to “mess up my hair.;-) “IMG_8225

IMG_8232We definitely wanted to do a family cosplay. The kids came up with the idea of Crayons. It’s amazing what you can create with Party City, Amazon Prime and Kinkos. We then found an attraction at Petco Park promoting the new Ghost Busters Movie. Check out the car! “Who ya gonna call?” “Cray-ola!”IMG_8160 IMG_8172IMG_8191

My cousins dressed as the twins from the Shining! They even had a sign that said, “Where’s Johnny!” Yes, “Come play with us.”

Lastly, Sabrina wanted to be Maleficent. She blew us all away! She watched a Pinterest video on how to apply the make up. We purchased a few items and them created the rest of her costume. Ryan wanted to be a villain/super hero mash up and came up with the “Super Trooper!” A local Halloween Store provided the storm trooper costume, Michaels the spray paint and the rest our ingenuity. Me, well who better than Cruella De Vil. Mowahahahaa! We met up with my cousins dressed from “Kill Bill.” Can you figure out all the characters? Their costumes were amazing! We realized our specific crowds. As we walked down the street, all the adults from the bars and restaurants yelled out, “Kill Bill! That’s awesome! Can we get pictures.” As we passed the yogurt shops all the kids would yell,”Cruella! Maleficent!! Look a Super Trooper! Can we get pictures!” We definitely wowed different crowds. (several picts)

IMG_8356 IMG_8380IMG_8375Because we were dressed as characters from the show, we got to meet the cast from “Once Upon A Time”!!! Sabrina is a huge fan and this made her day!! It’s a long story about how we actually got to meet them, but we did & that’s all that matters. They loved our costumes and were actually taking pictures of us! What a fun turn-around. The actors really loved seeing all their fans and enjoyed being a part of it all.  It was a fantastic adventure in San Diego. So. soooo happy we got to attend!

IMG_8305 IMG_8298 IMG_8284 IMG_8281












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