Emmy Party 2016


Being a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is a privilege. I also enjoy the great perks. Last week I participated in the juried panels that voted on Character Design and Character Animation for cartoons. All the nominees are so talented. Sometimes a winner is easy to spot as the work has that je ne sais quoi. Other times everything is really really good, but nothing stands above. That is always tough, as these are shows that are super popular, super amazing, unknown treasures or pop culture.

Spending the day with my fellow judges is inspiring, as many are former winners, nominees or current nominees for a different category. Talented, smart and funny people, these folks make the day fun and worth giving up a Saturday.

The Nominee Party Friday night was a blast. I was so busy catching up with old friends and meeting new ones that the night went by with nary a picture. At the end of the night, I caught 2 shots with my friends, Jill, Ivy and Seth, and the giant Emmy Statue in the courtyard.

For more information on the Emmy Show, the nominees or anything Emmy related, go to Emmys.org


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