Funny VO Directions

Last week I was working on a video game. Usually video games are made up completely of non sequitur lines. The director furnishes the meaning or attitude you need to deliver the line for the story or action. This game was no different and I had a wonderful director. That said, everyone can say things easily misconstrued. This particular line was simple and made up of two sentences. The second sentence ended with a question mark and the action required it to be a question. A natural way of speaking happens to be that we all end a question by going up on the last word. The line was something like, It’s time, will you all follow me? My director wanted it to convey more strength so he said, and I quote, “Do it again, and this time I want you to go down on me.” … It took a second and then he was back on the mic apologizing profusely!

Too funny not to mention!

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