January has started out interestingly. Not a lot of auditions. I guess the year is starting out slow, but I’ve liked the projects and I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I enjoyed a workshop with Wes Gleason. Great director. I look forward to working with him sometime soon.

There are a few web things and apps I have been involved in and they should be launching soon. I can’t wait to talk about them. Exciting stuff in new media.

The Animation Awards are coming up, Feb. 5th.  I am looking forward to announcing the show again this year. I’m also curious to see who they get to Host! Last year it was William Shatner. My claim to fame is when big Bill announced my name and brought me out on stage! Oooooh Ahhhhh. My huge 5 seconds of fame! It was a lot of fun! ~ I’ll keep you posted.

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