My year dedicated to Alzheimer’s Disease

My year dedicated to raising funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease was an amazing journey and success. From Memory Walk 2008 to Memory Walk 2009, I participated in numerous events, chaired 2, co-chaired another and met some amazing people. Some of whom I shall keep as friends for a long time to come.

In total I raised $15,835 for the year and was also written up in at least 4 newspapers and on-line magazines, made guest appearances and spoke on a half hour radio talk show. I only wish I could have raised more money. It was a tough year and donating 50% of each paycheck was a mixed blessing. Who knows, maybe as our economy improves I’ll be able to do it again.

I don’t plan to stop helping. I know my participation has made a difference. I may be one small voice, but whether it’s putting my money where my mouth is or walking the walk, I will continue to help find a way to a creating world without Alzheimer’s Disease.

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