Shout out to Frank Gladstone

9 days until the 40th Annual Annie Awards. Frank Gladstone President of ASIFA Hollywood, explains it best,  “…Historically, it (The Annies) has grown organically.  It just didn’t appear on the scene, arriving like a bolt from Zeus. It grew from a little celebration of people who were retiring or had been in the business for a lot of years, held at the Sportsman’s Lodge, to an awards ceremony, to an awards show.  It’s not a flash in the pan.  The second, is that the community realized that as the Annies grew, this was  really the only way the community was congratulating its peers.  Telling peers they did good work.  The Annies became a reminder that this was the time of the year when everybody would look at what had gone on the past year… and celebrate that.  That’s why they take it seriously.” 

I am so honored to be their announcer for the 8th year running.

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