Start of Summer

As summer starts we enter E3 and the Prime Time Emmy battle. Not to mention all the pilots for cartoons. Whew, that was a dizzying amount of auditions!  Disney was the most generous in the amount of pilots. I can only keep my fingers crossed they take a chance on a non-celeb!

This past Wed. I went to the Women In Games International, (WIGI) E3 after party. As a voice actor, I am starting to get more involved with video games, MoCap and on line gaming. This was a very fun evening. The food was delicious and the people genuinely open and friendly. I made a lot of nice new contacts and hopefully friends. My buddy, Mark Vulcano won in a Raffle the “Blade of Chaos!” from Gods of War. We have had continuous merriment over that one including many photo clips and audio from Get Smart. (If you don’t get the connection, write me.)

I just sent in my votes for the PrimeTime Emmy preliminary nominations. From these ballots they will select the top 5 to be seen on the Emmy telecast.  Next week I will be attending the Television Academy’s Daytime Awards Nominee gala. It was a hoot-n-a-half last year, and I’m sure this year it will be even more fun.  And to round out the week, next weekend I will be spending my whole Saturday voting on the primetime voice over nominations. This is the first step for this category. We will meet once more to determine a winner or winners in the voice over category. Because it is such a diverse field, cartoons to documentaries, it is an open juried panel and one, none or more than one person could win.   I have done this for many years and I must say it can get very interesting during these judging panels. The winners in this category are true winners, for if a nominee gets more than a 1 in 12 no, an Emmy is not awarded. And there have been years where no one has won. (Personally I hated that one year!) I’ll let you know how this year goes….without revealing anything, of course. 🙂 ~Dina

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