Funny thing about auditions…

So I’ve been getting all these singing auditions, lately. I’m always laughing because  I’m not a rock star, broadway or pop star…by any stretch of the means. Still they send me these auditions. My friend says it’s because I must be doing something right. That made me giggle and I said maybe it’s because for every audition I send in,  I’m also rewriting the lyrics and making up my own version and sending it as well.  My agents seem to get a real kick out of it.  
So the other day I get this audition with song and the song is… well, silly. It’s for a kid’s show and the tune is really catchy and simple but the words are…eh.  Nonetheless, I have to practice a bit to get it down, and my poor family, I’m coming to realize,  has to listen  unitl I’m satisfied and send it in. The song started out, “And pop pop popping away. Do do do you know it’s good for you…”
Well I changed it and sang (for my second take), ” And pop pop popping those pills. Do do do you know it’s good for you…”  I rewrote the whole song, but you get the general idea.
I didn’t realize how invasive I was to the rest of my family while practicing and then recording UNTIL…… I was shopping at Ralphs a week later and walking down the chip isle with my kids, when my son in his sweet, little, 6 year old voice started singing, at the top of his lungs, “POP POP POPPING THOSE PILLS! Do do do you know it’s good for you…”
I didn’t get arrested but I had to suffer through 3 more very loud versions before he stopped! The fascinated shoppers in the yogurt and shampoo sections also were treated to this lovely tune.
(I didn’t need to buy a sponge. I’ll just use him to soak up everything!) For goodness sakes!!!

It’s been fun and as I type he is singing a song that I had to work on for the Scooby Doo Movie. I made the callbacks. Keep your fingers crossed!

~As I repost this blog, I just found out they actually hired Broadway stars for the Scooby movie. Hey, I made the callbacks and if I lost to a cast of  New Yorker pros…welll…at least I’m competing in the big leagues! Not too shabby!

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