I am the voice of….

I am the voice of….

I have thoroughly enjoyed voicing Harald and Ashley. Two adorable “Small World” kids. Harald is Dutch and Ashley is French Canadian. Both are interesting and challenging accents in their own ways. I would never have been able to master and sustain their accents and the other guest characters in each episode, without the amazing talent and…

Disney Project

One of the best parts about this Disney project, is that I get to work with some really great people. Group reads are always so much more fun! Actors sometimes say things like, “Oh man, I had to learn a bleedin’ accent.” In this case we are “bleedin’” accents… all over each other!This week we recorded 2…

New Disney Project

Worked my first session yesterday on a new Disney project, and had a blast! There are a lot of characters involved with many different accents from around the world. My two main characters are Dutch and French Canadian. Fortunately, I don’t need to speak the language, I just have to speak with an accurate accent….