New Disney Project

Worked my first session yesterday on a new Disney project, and had a blast! There are a lot of characters involved with many different accents from around the world. My two main characters are Dutch and French Canadian. Fortunately, I don’t need to speak the language, I just have to speak with an accurate accent….

Making “Planes” fly!

There is a great article about Disney’s movie “Planes,” and how they made the flying look so incredibly good. Here is an excerpt: “Filmmakers called on Jason McKinley (“Red Tails”) to serve as flight specialist for the film. McKinley, creator, producer and director of the “Dogfights” series for the History Channel, specializes in designing flying…

Emmy Nominee Party

Last night, The Telelvision Academy threw a party for all the nominees in Daytime Programing and Animation. The activities committee along with the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, put on a very elegant evening, and it was great to see old friends and make new ones. Good luck tonight to all the nominees!

Captain Action

Here is a little promo I did for G7 Animation and their presentation for the Chicago ComiCon. They are bringing back the 1960’s Captain Action series, and I play Lady Action. Check out the Captain Action site and their Captain Action Promo. Fans unite! Lets bring back some Action!

Another Episode of Annoying Orange

“Founding Fruits” a hilarious and educational (hahahaaa) fruitastical rendition of our revolutionary war. These guys are crazy fun. A total blast to work with. The last airing of this episode is July 19th on Cartoon Network. (8pm-PST) Annoying Orange shows regularly on Monday nights 8pm/7central. Or go to Cartoon Network to catch missed episodes and…

Emmy Voting

 Saturday I spent the day voting for the Daytime Emmy Awards. I was part of a juried panel that judged Character Animation and Character Design. There are some very talented people out there, whoooweee!!!  My fellow judges are pretty amazing as well. It ‘s fun to be in the company of such talent!

On-Line Gaming

Yesterday, I had a blast recording character voices for a hot new on-line game! The title is being kept confidential, I had to sign all these papers, but apparently it is highly anticipated by the avid on-line gamers.  This looks like a good one! I am just learning about this side of the game industry….