Captain Action

Here is a little promo I did for G7 Animation and their presentation for the Chicago ComiCon. They are bringing back the 1960’s Captain Action series, and I play Lady Action. Check out the Captain Action site and their Captain Action Promo. Fans unite! Lets bring back some Action!

Another Episode of Annoying Orange

“Founding Fruits” a hilarious and educational (hahahaaa) fruitastical rendition of our revolutionary war. These guys are crazy fun. A total blast to work with. The last airing of this episode is July 19th on Cartoon Network. (8pm-PST) Annoying Orange shows regularly on Monday nights 8pm/7central. Or go to Cartoon Network to catch missed episodes and…

Annoying Orange Party

The cast & crew kicked off the 1st Annoying Orange episode with a great viewing party! What fun!! Food, drinks, candy bar, roasted corn, fire pit and s’mores bar, silk screen T-shirts, and green screen photo ops. Check out the shot of Dane (The Orange/creator)  and I in Marshmalia.  I had a great time hanging with friends, roasting…

Emmy Voting

 Saturday I spent the day voting for the Daytime Emmy Awards. I was part of a juried panel that judged Character Animation and Character Design. There are some very talented people out there, whoooweee!!!  My fellow judges are pretty amazing as well. It ‘s fun to be in the company of such talent!


I will be playing 3 fabulous characters for a new on-line game! And, what makes this even extra exciting for me is that I will be working with the legendary voice director Gordon Hunt. He was my first! The first cartoon I ever recorded was for Hanna Barbara and Gordon Hunt was the director.  That…